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Hello Dearest Ones ,
You have been asking so much about
" The Faerie-nuf Folk " ,
( My Precious Guides and Teachers
for the past 19yrs . )
I thought I'd look for a few cards
 I have made with Them in it ,
and ended up finding sooooo many ,
 I decided to Give Them Their
 own " Cyber Home ! " hee ! hee !

These are a mix of cards and
pages I have made for Magazines ,
 Books and Healing sessions
over the past few years ... 
as well as some inspirations We 
share with Our Visitors
 in Our Home Gallery .
It's been such fun putting this
together for You , and now
the Sandman is jumping up
and down on My eyelids ...
so I will let You just relax
and enjoy these
 "Faerie-nuf Inspirations ",
and as time goes by , I will let You
know more about each Picture .
Blessings and Love
to You All
for a Happy , Shiny Day !
With Love and Magic Sparkles ...
Minky , Ian and
" The Faerie-nuf Folk "
Sometimes the picture goes small again,
so just click once more and it will stay big !

This Beautiful Photo that Ian took
of an Ancient Tree in Our Forest ,
has one of Karen's
" Fortune Faeries " Angels  Blessing
The Faerie-nuf Folk and Their Friends .
The Castle was created
with Love by Lettie